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Share with others by becoming a Movie Mobilizer, hosting a Private Premiere Event, or becoming an Ambassador:

  • Become a Little Boy Movie Mobilizer

    Movie Mobilizers spread the word about Little Boy in their area through a variety of tools and resources. Click below to get a free Little Boy Movie Mobilizer Action Plan.

    Become a Movie Mobilizer
  • Host a Little Boy Private Premiere Event

    You can book a Private Premiere of Little Boy at your local theater to share the life-changing message of inspiration and hope with your friends, family, colleagues, customers and community.

    Host a Private Premiere
  • Become a Little Boy Silver or Gold Ambassador

    Become a Little Boy Ambassador by purchasing $2,500 or more in movie tickets that you can distribute to friends, colleagues and customers or donate to churches, schools, military organizations, and other non-profits. Ambassadors receive exclusive film memorabilia, and may also be invited to meet the filmmakers.

    Become a Little Boy Ambassador